Baby’s Nursery: Go Cheap Or Whole Hog?

Hubby and I have reached that point in the pregnancy when it’s time to start putting together the nursery. You’d think that would be easy. Pick out furniture, paint the walls, add some cute blankets and voila! The perfect little place for baby and family.

Except, for some reason it’s been really difficult to decide how to approach the nursery and it all stems from one question – should we go cheap or “whole hog” as they say?

The benefits of going cheap are obvious. Babies are messy. They destroy things when they get to toddler stage. Furniture gets banged up and doesn’t last anyway. As many of you readers mentioned in our previous discussion on cloth diapering – babies often end up getting changed whenever (and wherever) you have time. That really undercuts the argument for something like a changing table and other “fancies” as my husband might call them.

Then you have those giant “nursery bedding” sets. The adorable ones with matchy-matchy animal designs and a crib skirt with bumpers like this…

Little Bedding by NoJo Dreamland Teddy 10pc Nursery in a Bag

Little Bedding by NoJo Dreamland Teddy 10pc Nursery in a Bag

I’ve seen some run as high as $300.00 including wall decorations. Really, does baby care about a few decals on the wall? I’ve also read those solid fabric bumpers can be unsafe – since baby can roll up against them while sleeping.

On the other hand…

I love, love, love all those cute little bedding sets! Maybe it’s the new mommy in me but when I see pictures like this…

or like this…

Tiffany Theissen's Lavender Celebrity Baby Nursery (Designed by Lonni Paul)

Tiffany Theissen’s Lavender Celebrity Baby Nursery (Designed by Lonni Paul)

I DO desperately want to create that “perfect” little space for momma and baby. Comments from some friends have really reinforced this idea as well. A girlfriend who just gave birth to her little one a few months ago said having a glider/rocker was such a comfort when nursing to her AND the baby. So now I’m thinking we should get one…

I also really like the idea of spending a little more on a convertible crib and some furniture pieces that will grow with our little girl and hopefully last. Then I see some of the prices – $650 for just a crib alone and a cringe.

There’s no way we’ll ever be able to spend $5,000 – $10,000 on our nursery… Maybe $750 if we really economize and I put my Google ninja skills to use to find online deals. (Contrary to popular belief, we TV people don’t all make a Katie Couric salary. lol.)

I did find this combo furniture set at Walmart…

Summer Infant - Fairfield Crib Set

…with good reviews for an almost-seems-too-good-to-be-true price. I’m wondering if I should splurge a little more though. How much we should really invest in baby’s nursery given the time we’ll spend there?

So that’s where you all come in. How much did you spend on baby’s nursery? Did you find ways to decorate for less? How much did creating that “perfect” little nest matter to you?

Post below ladies! Can’t wait to hear from you all…


7 thoughts on “Baby’s Nursery: Go Cheap Or Whole Hog?

  1. On my first child, we spent way too much…Almost $1,000 and we didn’t really use any of those things we bought…The only thing that was really useful in the beginning, was the bassinet…the cute little Diaper Genie and Crib were a waste…I will say if you buy a crib, get one that converts…we use that now for a toddler bed…definitely do your research and check the views of recent purchasers…but, most importantly have fun and remember, that they will not always be babies…

  2. Just my personal little story..with my first child (little girl) 17 years ago my husband and I purchased a crib that had a canopy and the whole bedding kit thing. The bed alone was $500 and it never got used again. I had two boys later. Changing tables are joke and a waste of money and precious space. If you really need or want one though you can buy chest of drawers with a “changing table” built into the top and buy a pad to go on it. Have fun with it though no matter what any of us say or think! What a special time for you and your husband. Let us know what you pick out. And post pics!

  3. My boys are grown now, but I did splurge on the accessories all those years ago and I have no regrets. Even with three boys, they all had their own nursery theme because I didn’t want the two younger ones to feel they weren’t worthy of “new”. (Yes, I spoiled them – but I have no regrets about that, either!) Your baby will spend quite a few hours in the crib you choose, and visitors will often be viewing the baby in the nursery because you will DEFINITELY reach the point of not waking the precious angel just so Uncle Jack or Aunt Jill can goo-goo over her for a little while before getting her into colic-screaming mode and then duck out the front door to return to their blissful quiet world. My nephew and niece-in-law did the transitional bed and my precious great-niece loves her “big girl bed”. My advice is to not spend a fortune, but to spend enough that you feel it is special for your new special addition to the family. Also, remember to register because the nursery items may be purchased as gifts for you!

  4. Dont forget it is almost kidmarket time this march you can find awesome deals here ! with my first baby I only wanted to buy new now with my second I am realizing that was so over rated and I sold all my stuff and now have to repurchase everything … Craigslist is awesome ! Essex bargain hunt on university also has great deals and a lot of high end items for cheap I got a travel system carseat and stroller for $80.00 brand new !

  5. My husband and I bargain shopped. What wasn’t passed down to us from family members, or bought for us, we web searched and we even bought from ebay. Making sure to look each item up making sure there were no recalls and checking into product reviews. As much as I wanted to go all out and buy the best of the best, we just couldn’t afford it. I even did a little bit of craigslist shopping, especially for clothes! I found a nice glider chair at a yardsale, which can easily be redone with whatever fabric you wish, fairly easy and at an affordable price. As far as the wall décor, I took into my on hands. I looked up all different themes to go with and when I found one I absolutely loved, I bought everything I needed at walmart for a low price and painted it all myself. With train, cars, trees, mountains, hot air balloons, and I even did abc’s and 123’s around the top of the room. I was able to free hand it, but if not im sure you could find a cheap used projector thing (like what was used in school) so you can just trace it on. I was very please with my finished room, and only spent maybe 3-400. I do want to suggest, you going to walmart online and buying the Angel Care system! It goes under your baby’s mattress and if your baby stops breathing it will detect it and alert you through the baby monitor. The baby monitor that stays in room even tells you the temp of the babies room. I spent a little over 100 for it I believe but absolutely loved it! Thank goodness it only went off once. We also had the camera set up near his bed, with the monitor in our room, so if I woke up wondering how he was doing but didn’t want to risk waking him, I would just turn it on and check on him! Also a great investment! I wish you the best of luck, and when that beautiful baby arrives, I can promise you, your not going to worry what her room looks like!

  6. We shopped at All About Baby in Huntsville for both of our babies and haved LOVED the furniture! The changing tables are super-useful because they later become just regular dressers! My son, now 7, is in the same bed (now converted to full size) from there! We splurged a bit, but the furniture is really lasting. Also, find the bedding you like in a store, then shop online to find it cheaper. Try and others to find the same bedding that retailers have for much better prices. I wish you a safe, speedy and easy delivery! Prayers for a healthy little girl!

  7. My husband and I have 6 children. When our first child was born we bought a crib from Wal-Mart and it worked just fine. After he grew out of the crib we stored it. Which come in handy more than we would have thought. lol After 6 kids, 4 are teenagers now, I have figured out its not all about the fancy stuff. Nobody cares about what the nursery looks like once the baby gets here. When people come to see your bundle of joy all their worried about is that bundle of joy not decorations. I would recommend a glider rocker they are wonderful.

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