Best Books For Baby? My Favorites…

As far back as I can remember, I have loved books… and there’s something especially magical about the good ones when you’re a kid.

Now, with a first baby on the way, I’m looking forward to sharing my love of books with my own little girl… and working to make sure she doesn’t miss out on any of the classics!

When a good friend offered to throw me a baby shower, my first thought was to do one of those cool celebrity-inspired “book” showers. What a wonderful way to start a baby’s library! Then I realized that we had absolutely nothing in the house for baby in a practical sense… so that idea was tossed. lol.

Instead, I’ve been adding some baby books to our registry… and digging through old boxes to find some of the best from my own first years. Here are five of my favorites…

1. The Jolly Postman


Technically, this book is for older children. It’s so much fun though… and it’s a standout from my childhood. I loved it so much I saved it and kept it with me all these years to give to my own little one. The central story? A postman is delivering various letters to people… and each page has a real letter that you can pull out and read for yourself! It’s wonderfully interactive. You can still find some copies online via eBay and Amazon.

2. My Little Golden Book About God


I think this might be the first book I ever owned. It’s so sweet and has such endearing pictures. It’s also a great “starter” book about faith… I know it stuck with me.

3. B is for Bear


Such a cute one. As an added bonus, it teaches the alphabet and develops vocabulary too! It’s also good for even very young babies… so it’s a great starter. One of the first I put on my registry.

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar


I think I checked this book out of the library more than one-hundred times. I just loved the “peep holes” in the book and how you could watch the caterpillar snack his way to becoming butterfly! They now have several incarnations of this book available, including a board book and a mini-version. There’s even a stuffed caterpillar!

5. The Cat in the Hat


Every kid should have some exposure to the wacky world of Dr. Suess, right? The illustrations, in my opinion are what really make this book – in addition to the rhyming. I remember being totally enthralled with the quirky drawings, as much as the story.

So… there you have it. Five of my favorites. What were your favorite books from childhood? Are there any you made sure to have your little one read? What books are their favorites? Share below!


5 thoughts on “Best Books For Baby? My Favorites…

  1. Our daughter in law is expecting twins about the same time you are expecting your little girl. She just had her first baby shower and on the invitation was Dr. Seuss themed and asked instead of a placing a card with your gift to give a book signed with a message for the babies. This really turned out great and books were not much more expensive than a greeting card.

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