The Home “Stretch” Of Pregnancy

Oh boy! Only 7.5 weeks to go until our due date! It’s hard to believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by and how much is left to be done. One thing that isn’t hard to believe? I am well into my third-trimester.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

If you’ve seen me on television recently you’ve probably noticed tummy has “popped.” Baby girl appears to be all out in front… and could be a large one. At my last update, ultrasound suggested she could be 9lbs. or so at full term. Now, I know these readings can be off by several pounds but there’s no doubt I’m feeling the “stretch” of the final weeks.

How so? Well, I’ll just go ahead and admit… I have recently acquired a small hurricane of stretch marks on the tummy. That skin is stretched to the max! lol. I was holding out hope I would escape without those odd-looking red lines but they popped up almost overnight! I’ve been slathering on lotion and creams with Vitamin E… and thought Cocoa Butter might help. Oh well.

Other “stretching” I’ve noticed at week 33? My fingers! OK, they’re actually more bloated than stretched but the effect is the same. I can’t even get my wedding rings on! They’re like little sausages.

I’m also struggling to fit some of my maternity clothes around my baby bump. It’s like baby girl decided to streeeeeeeeeeeetch out as long as possible inside and is making her little home as large as possible until she comes to meet us.

Ladies, did you experience any of the same “stretching” in the home-stretch of pregnancy? What were your third-trimester experiences like? Were you low energy? Big bumped or little? What was the biggest challenge to overcome? Sound off below!


6 thoughts on “The Home “Stretch” Of Pregnancy

  1. My OB doctor told me years ago when I was so ecstatic about not having any stretch marks after three pregnancies that women who don’t develop stretch marks tend to wrinkle more later in life. Now in my mid-50’s, I am seeing what he warned me of every time I look into the “mirror, mirror on the wall”. So, I say to you – be thankful for those stretch marks!

  2. My first was a girl and I swelled up HORRIBLY with her. I don’t know if it was being a first pregnancy or because she was a girl (the rest of my children are boys so, no other girl to compare it to). I gained the least amount of weight with her but looked down right fat at the end LOL!!! My boys were all out front so, from behind I didn’t even look pregnant. Watch out on the salt and keep the water in you and just roll with it is all I can say on the swelling end. The stretch marks may disappear after the birth. My breast looked like sunshines from the stretch marks but now, you can barely see them or any of the others I’ve gotten from my other pregnancies. Every body is different though so, learn to love them I guess : )

    To prepare for my labor, I drank an herbal infusion (steeped like tea) of Red Raspberry leave, Nettles, Alfalfa, Rose Hips, Oat Straw and Spearmint. That helps nourish you and Baby and helps tone your uterus for the real contractions so that you get the most out of them. It also helps with the tiredness a bit. Liquid Chlorophyl was another thing I discovered then that helped with the fatigue. It comes in mint flavor and helps get the water down better (I’m not a fan of drinking water).

    Birth was a very traumatic thing for me. I loath hospital birthing now because of how I was treated. I really believe women need to inform themselves more on birth and what it really is, not how Hollywood portrays it. I am a firm believer in CPMs and homebirth and really encourage women to at least talk to a few midwives. Fear is in your head. You, and every other woman, have been created to birth babies. You can do it! Take a child birth education class (if you’ve not already) that best suits your desires, hire a doula and know your rights as a birthing woman. This is a business for hospitals. Birthing women and their brand new babies should not be viewed as $$$ or another chart on the door. Both should be respected and cared for in all ways, not just physical.

    Vaccinations are a controversial topic. Do in depth research of your own on this. You don’t have to vaccinate right away. You can always do it but can never undo it. Make certain before you do.

    Relax. You’ve got a long road ahead of you. Savor every moment and make the most of the bad/painful ones. Your little girl will grow up so fast! Have professional pictures done, take lots of your own and journal. You will be glad to have it down the road. PPD/PPP is very real and varies from woman to woman. Don’t be ashamed of it. Seek help from friends and family and medical if need be. Women are strong and a force to be reckoned with but we still need to be surrounded by helping hands and loving hearts.

    (((HUGS))) and best to you all!

  3. what really worked for me and made my stretch marks skintone instead of bright read is a tub of yellow pure shea butter that you scoop out and melt between your hands before you rub it on . They sell it at health food stores , different ethnic beauty supply stores and some specialty shops I found some at Earthfare it works great and dont forget the love handles and lower back it is stretching too!

  4. The last 6 weeks was the worse part of my pregnancy . Your hands are probably swelling because you are retaining water. Your salt intake, although you probably “don’t salt anything” is hidden in the foods you eat…plain and simple! I didn’t drink near as much water the first time around as I did the second time around. Listen to your body…swelling…drink LOTS OF WATER! Like 80 oz. per day. I know you are thinking “this lady is crazy!” because you are already running to the bathroom. You will feel much better by the end of the day and the night, your ankles and joints won’t be so swelled up, either…I promise! My swelling was also caused by other “Underlying issues” like Hypertension and age. I experienced “carpel-tunnel” like symptoms…my hands up to my elbows were numb and tingly for 4 weeks – until delivery…again…not enough water…..Research your epidural option. Everyone wants to have a natural delivery…but it might not always work that way. Leave your options open, and don’t be afraid to say “ok…the pain is too much….i’m tired…” its your delivery. I am amazed how you just get up so early in the morning and get to work by 0500….after you deliver, you will probably leave the hospital 16 to 20 lbs lighter…you will be amazed at the water retention in your body…Good luck

  5. I had natural childbirth but not by choice. This was in 1976 and my baby was breech. Not feet first but behind first. No C section. Needless to say, I chose to have my second baby in 1982 at a hospital also. He was born so fast that I did not have a chance to get a epidural or anything. This birth was a breeze compared to the first child. I gained a lot of weight with my first baby (a girl). I could not get my rings on during the last eight weeks and had just bought a pair of wide shoes the day before she was born. I did not have stretch marks on my stomach but I did on my hips. I had a lot of fluid!! I was back to size 8 in 8 to 10 weeks. My daughter had her baby at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children. It was a wonderful setting. Everyone there was just wonderful! I stayed (at her request) there with her the whole time. I even helped!! Her doctor, Dr. Lonecar, was the absolute best! She waited til the last possible moment to ask for her epidural. I think this was a wise choice. You might want to do this is you see that natural childbirth is not going to be what you want after all. No matter what you chose I hope that you have an easy time with the birth of your baby and a wonderful experience. You are absolutely glowing and you look beautiful pregnant! You never look worn out or frazzled! I know your baby will be beautiful. Look at her parents! I hope and pray that your baby is healthy too!

  6. The last 6-8 weeks of my pregnancy was the worst. I was tired and irritable all the time. Nothing soothed me except for a good warm bath and sleep. I couldn’t walk to the back of Wal-Mart and then back to the front (less than 10 minutes) without being exhausted. I honestly didn’t think the skin on my belly could stretch any further. It really felt as if my skin would rip open at any moment. I didn’t get the real noticeable stretch marks. I did get some really faint ones that you can see only if you are really looking for them. I gave birth at Decatur General. The staff was really nice but a doctor that I never seen in the office delivered my baby. I didn’t like that. But might as well say the nurses delivered her. Her head was almost out before they called the doctor to come in. One thing I didn’t like was….they didn’t go by my birth plan. I specifically told them as well as on the written plan that I wanted to wait as long as I could for the epidural and if I could handle going without it then that’s what I wanted to do. As soon as they told me I was 4.5 centimeters, they were calling Anesthesia in my room. Next I wanted my water to break on it’s own (the option was on the paper). NO as soon as they got me laid back down from the epidural… comes the doctor to break my water. Ok so this was all a first for me. I really didn’t know what to say to them so I just let them do it and now that I think back on it……It wasn’t the way I wanted it to go at all. So if you have your “birth plan” stick to it and make sure the staff does as well. After all….it’s your delivery! Some things can’t be helped and each delivery is different and has unexpected things sometimes and that may put a twist in your “birth plan” but let them know how YOU want things to be done. Good luck and congratulations to you and your family!

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