New Baby Lessons: The Three Month Old Edition

I’m learning a lot as a new mom. Oh yes, yes I am. Little nuggets of wisdom which I’ll pass along now for any other mommies-to-be out there. For the moms who already passed this stage, perhaps you can add to my list!

Baby Lessons (The Three Month Edition)

Lesson #1: Sometimes it’s OK to wallow in filth

Babies spit-up. Babies with acid reflux spit-up A LOT. Jane has acid reflux. Sooooo… Mommy and daddy are covered in spit-up… A LOT. At first I was changing my shirt with every slobber but I was doing laundry every. single. day. Multiple times a day. So I gave up. I’ve just decided it’s OK to be a little slovenly.

Lesson #2: Bottles in the dishwasher are a joke

Image Credit: MGN Online

Bottles by hand… Image Credit: MGN Online

Seriously. As a working mommy, pumping full-time for baby now, we go through a lot of bottles. At first, I thought I’d put the caps, nipples, rings and other accessories in those handy baby dishwasher baskets, alongside the bottles. Wrong. lol. It only took a wash or two to notice the bottles, especially the nipples, weren’t getting rinsed clean all the way. I’m not crazy about the idea of Jane drinking soapy residue… so I’ve been washing the bottles by hand ever since. Yes. ALL the bottles. Maybe we need to invest in a high-powered dishwasher?

Lesson #3: If you change baby’s diaper too fast after eating, she WILL poop

15 minute wait time. At least. Otherwise it’s a guarantee that as soon as I swap out a dirty cloth diaper for a fresh one, she’ll have a special delivery for mommy.

Lesson #4: What baby wants, baby gets

Paci Monitor...  Image Credit: MGN Online

Paci Monitor… Image Credit: MGN Online

Baby wants to be held and walked around the house? OK then. No sitting on the couch for me. Baby wants me to stand up next to the crib while she falls asleep… picking up her paci and giving it back to her as soon as it falls out over and over? OK then. Baby doesn’t want to fall asleep at all? OK then. Happy non-fussing baby is the top priority right? lol.

Lesson #5: Buy large sizes, only large ones

Little girl was a 9 lbr. when she arrived, so she kind of skipped over the “newborn” sizes. She’s since leveled out in her growth to a nice average but boy does she grow! A few weekends back we stocked up on 3 month-sized PJs and onesies. It wasn’t a week later and she was too long for nearly all of them! So yes, after our very expensive purchase… I’m now buying our little one sizes 6 months and up! They may be baggy but at least I won’t have to buy new ones in a week!

Moms, what are your lessons from the first three months of a baby’s life? Feel free to share them here! Or comment on what I’ve learned. :o) Happy parenting!