Taking Action, Getting Results… and a LOT of diapers!

Wow. The numbers are in from The Great Diaper Drive, a month long September 2013 partnership between WHNT News 19 and RocketCityMom.com to collect diapers and wipes for local babies.

They… are… awesome.

Are you ready for this? Due to the amazing support of local businesses and partners and most of all you our viewers, together we have raised more than 40,000 diapers for Manna House!

Manna House is a Huntsville non-profit providing food and other necessities to families. The need is often hard to fill and administrators there told me some really heartbreaking stories of need… right in our own community. Everything from a mom who just lost a job and never expected to be in a position to need “charity” to women facing long-term struggles with poverty.

A recent study suggested many American mothers struggle to afford the cost of diapering even one child – sometimes having to space out or skip diaper changes all together. That story was a big touch-point for taking action and Manna House administrators admit they’ve seen moms face the same struggles in the Tennessee Valley.

So let’s take a quick look at how we got to 40,000+. First of all, there’s the turnout at the Kidventure “Diaper Shower” event in Madison. Here’s what your donations piled up looked like…

Diapers piled high outside Kidventure in Madison.
More than 7,500 here!
Michelle Stark and a young supporter of the cause at the Kidventure "Diaper Shower."
Me and a young supporter of the cause.

On Wednesday, Sept. 11th WHNT News 19 also put together a “Blitz Drive” to benefit the cause. I was live outside The Rock Church in Huntsville with some of my co-workers… braving the heat and making frequent trips to Wendy’s for snacks. Ha! Our total haul? 8,600!

My favorite stories from that day include a guy who showed up on his motorcycle with packs of diapers rigged-up to the seat! Ha! What a sight that must have been on the highway. So manly and yet, so feminine. lol.

One of the more creative drop-offs we saw.

One of the more creative drop-offs we saw.

I also heard from a lot of moms who said, “I’ve been there. Desperate and frazzled and worried about the bills.” It was really moving to see so many people take time out of the day to help strangers and their sweet little babies. One woman even made some stunning handmade blankets to keep Manna babies warm. Seriously…. they were so beautiful.

Back to the math. Manna House also received direct donations of at least 2,300 diapers and donations online were steady. Another 15,000 diapers will be purchased at Costco with money donated directly to the non-profit as part of the drive.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped us with this effort. I know a lot of you followed me through my pregnancy and birth and also helped to support this cause. If you have suggestions for a future event (to increase drop-off convenience for example) please leave them below!

Also, if you’d like to donate to to Manna House (and they do still need the donations) please click here.